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Springdale Arkansas Wood Fencing

Many Springdale Arkansas home and business owners choose wood fencing because it is versatile, natural, and beautiful.

Wood fencing is a customer favorite, and there are so many benefits to choosing the natural material of wood for your fence. Natural wood fencing is versatile, customizable, and available in nearly any style you can imagine. Since natural wood nicely blends into its surroundings, it complements landscaping and other design features well. Property owners across Springdale Arkansas consistently choose wood fencing for their homes and businesses.

Team up with the fence experts at Thomas Fence to find a quality wood fence at a reasonable price. Our attentive team will help you find a wood fence that suits your style, preferences, and needs. Whether you need a full-privacy stockade fence, a traditional picket fence, or something in between, we have a variety of styles for you to choose from. Nothing compares to the natural beauty of a wood fence!

Wood Fencing Key Features

Wood fencing provides a natural, attractive addition to your home or business.

We cannot emphasize the importance of strong, properly installed fence posts enough. Strong posts create strong fences.

Quality matters! We use high-quality wood posts or steel PostMaster posts for all of our wood fence installations, ensuring that our wood fences are durable, functional, and long-lasting. It all starts with strong fence posts!

To maximize the life of your wood fence, each of our wood fence posts, rails, and pickets are chosen and installed by our expert fence installers.

There are different types and grades of wood used in wood fencing. We use professional-grade rails that perform better than many we see across the Springdale Arkansas region. Horizontal rails on low-quality wood fences frequently fail, and we see it all the time. Our choice of high-quality wood sets us apart from our competitors and ensures that your wood fence will hold up.

Low-quality wood fences are easily damaged by children climbing over them, people sitting on the rails, heavy objects leaning on them, or branches falling on top of them. Lower-quality wood fences are also more likely to rot, split, warp, and fail more quickly and severely than high-quality wood fences. We choose high-quality wood and hardware so that you have peace of mind, knowing that your fence will look new and last as long as possible.

Our expert team of fence installers chooses each wood post, rail, and picket to maximize the life of your Springdale Arkansas wood fence.

In addition to installing high-quality posts and rails, we also only install high-quality wood fence pickets. Suitable wood will be thicker, wider, and higher density. It may cost a little more than cheap wood sold at major box stores, but the initial investment is worth it. Wood fences across Springdale Arkansas must be able to withstand intense weather conditions as well as regular wear and tear. High-quality pickets are essential if you want your wood fence to last!

Each wood fence post, rail, and picket is expertly chosen and installed to maximize the life of your wood fence in Springdale Arkansas.

key features of Wood fencing in Springdale Arkansas

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Wood Fencing Custom Top Finishes

Wood fencing can be customized and finished in a number of ways! Once you choose the style of fence that best suits your needs, don't forget to consider these different finishing options that further enhance the style and design of your custom wood fence. Make sure to consult with our fence experts. Not all custom finishes are available for each of the different fence styles! We can help you design your perfect fence!

French Gothic Pickets - Wood Fence Option

French Gothic Pickets

The tops of our pickets can be shaped into a decorative French Gothic shape - which maintains a traditional look while adding a slightly more decorative flair.

Gothic Pickets - Wood Fence Option

Gothic Pickets

The tops of our pickets can be shaped into the traditional Gothic shape - which is very popular for wood fences with a more traditional style.

Straight Dog Ear Top - Wood Fence Option

Dog Ear Finish Top

The dog ear design is common choice for wood privacy fences in Springdale Arkansas because it provides a touch of flair without taking away from the fence's simple beauty or privacy.

Straight Dog Ear Top - Wood Fence Option

Convex Top

Another popular choice for wood fences in Springdale Arkansas is the convex top cut. Just about every style of wood fencing can be finished with the convex cut – including wood picket fences.

Cap and Trim - Wood Fence Option

Concave Top

Some of our Springdale Arkansas clients choose the concave top cut, the inverse of the more popular convex top cut. It's entirely up to you to decide what looks best and how you want your house or business to appear.

Cap and Trim - Wood Fence Option

Cap and Trim

A top cap and trim can be added to many fence styles to give it a truly finished look. If craftsmanship and attention-to-detail is your style, our various cap and trim options may be the perfect choice to finish off your custom wood fence!

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Styles of Wood Fencing

There are many styles of wood fencing and we've included our most popular ones below.

Wood Board on Board Style Fence - Springdale Arkansas

Wood FenceBoard-on-Board

The wood fence style is constructed with an overlapping pattern of vertical pickets where every other board is attached to the board next to it in an overlapping pattern, creating more decorative privacy panels.

Wood Stockade Style Fence - Springdale Arkansas

Wood FenceStockade

Among the most traditional privacy fence styles, stockade fences are constructed with wood boards that are placed tightly against one another, giving you a solid panel.

Wood Shadowbox Style Fence - Springdale Arkansas

Wood FenceShadowbox

Alternating boards on either side of the rail create an attractive look on both sides of the fence, which is one of the best features of a wood shadowbox fence.

Wood Picket Fence - Springdale Arkansas

Wood FencePicket

A modern approach to the traditional wood picket fence is to use flat top or dog-eared pickets to create that decorative boundary.

Wood Post and Rail Fence - Springdale Arkansas

Wood FencePost and Rail

A wood post and rail fence is an economical and attractive way of enclosing large spaces or marking the boundaries of your property.

Wood Horizontal Fence - Springdale Arkansas

Wood FenceHorizontal

Horizontal wood fences are a contemporary variation of standard wood fencing styles. This style is a perfect pairing with modern-style homes.

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Get the Best of Both Worlds with a Wood Fence Plus PostMaster Posts!

Wood Fence Toronto, Ontario Fence Company

At Thomas Fence, we always want the best for our customers. That's why we offer high-quality upgrades to PostMaster Posts for the wood fence you choose! Traditional wood posts are prone to rot and warping which can lead to expensive repairs and replacements. With PostMaster Posts, there is no need to worry about the strength of your fence over time. The design and structure of these steel posts are made to be hidden behind wooden boards as well, keeping the beautiful, natural look you love.

Building our fences with PostMaster Posts also allows us to avoid the mess of digging up our customer's backyard! Whenever possible, we install each post by driving the steel straight into the ground, avoiding the possibility of damaging landscaping or having large piles of dirt to remove by digging holes the traditional way. Choose PostMaster for your new, beautiful wood fence project!

Rot Prevention

PostMaster Posts are made of steel and will keep your wood fence strong without being susceptible to underground rot or deterioration like traditional wood posts.

Works with Any Wood Fence

No matter which style wood fence you choose, PostMaster Posts work seamlessly to give your fence a strong foundation while allowing you to enjoy the beauty of your natural wood fence appearance.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

When you choose a wood fence from Thomas Fence, you'll automatically receive PostMaster Posts for added durability and the great limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer! When you choose PostMaster posts for your new wood fence from Thomas Fence, you'll receive the manufacturers limited lifetime warranty for peace of mind!

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Wood Fence Benefits

There are far too many advantages of wood fencing to mention, but here are a few that are key to those considering a wood fence around their Springdale Arkansas property.

example of a Aluminum privacy fence in Springdale Arkansas

Our Wood Fences are High Quality

We only use quality cedar for our wood fences for its durability and strength. Cedar wood is naturally resistant to rot and insect damage, giving it a longer lifespan than other wood fences. Our skilled installation team is fully trained in the most effective and efficient methods to ensure that your wood fence will last for years to come.

Our Wood Fences are Naturally Beautiful

The natural charm of wood fencing looks great in practically any setting. The quality of the wood will shine through whether you choose an open picket fence or a tall privacy style and will surely make a beautiful border for your home and enhance your curb appeal.

Our Wood Fences are Strong

An expertly installed wood fence that has been properly maintained will look great for many years and will stand up to the Springdale Arkansas climate. Our skillfully made wood fences are a great fencing solution!

Buying a Fence in Northwest Arkansas

Our Easy Process

When it comes to buying a fence, we have simplified the process and created an easy 3-step system. Since 1993, our team at Thomas Fence based in Springdale Arkansas has provided a wide selection of fence types and styles and served our surrounding communities with the highest level of customer service. Speak to our team to get started on your fence project today!

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Buying a fence step 1: Measure the property

Measure Your Property

Use our Instant Fence Estimator to find the most accurate measurements of your property. This determines the correct number of materials you will need and will provide you with an initial quote.

Buying a fence step 2: choose a fence style

Select a Fence Style

Browse through the fence types we offer and choose the perfect style to fit your needs and preferences. Our design team is well-trained to know what fences are the best possible fit for you and can help you make your decision.

Buying a fence step 3: Delivery & Installation

Delivery and Installation

Once you have an accurate estimate and have chosen your materials, our team will schedule your installation. We work quickly to ensure your new fence is installed as soon as possible.

Wood Fence Warranty Information

Thomas Fence is proud to provide a 1-year workmanship warranty on all of our wood fence installations. However, unless you opt for PostMaster posts, there is no additional manufacturer warranty on wood fences due to their tendency to rot, split, or warp over time.

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Springdale Arkansas Wood Fence Warranty Information

Yes! We are a leading custom wood fencing contractor across the entire Springdale Arkansas area.

Our crews are experienced and specially trained in the latest techniques for building wood fences, ensuring your fence is installed properly, looks great, functions properly, and will hold up to the harsh weather typical of Springdale Arkansas.

Pricing on all fencing materials can fluctuate, but generally speaking, the up-front cost of wood fencing is usually lower than some other types of fencing. Keep in mind that wood fencing needs to be maintained by sealing and staining it over time, so its maintenance should be considered in the total cost of your purchase.

Your wood fence should be protected with a high-quality stain and sealer, but the decision is ultimately yours to make. Proper care and maintenance of your wood fence will absolutely extend the life of your fence for many years to come!

The harsh weather conditions in Northwest Arkansas can severely impact wood fences that are not properly cared for. Speak to one of our wood fence experts to learn more about the specific steps you can take for your particular situation.

Wood fencing is a popular option for homes and businesses in the Northwest Arkansas region. A properly built wood fence is strong enough to stand up to the harsh weather conditions of Northwest Arkansas.

Properly maintained, wood fences last years and look great in Northwest Arkansas.

Prices on wood fences are highly dependent on the amount of fencing you need as well as the exact style, height, and options you select.

We provide wood fencing quotes for free! Simply reach out to our team through our online form or give us a call and our team of friendly, experienced staff will be glad to walk you through the process and plan a consultation.


We encourage you to speak with one of our fence experts before focusing solely on price! There are cheaper, poor-quality wood grades that are commonly used by other fencing contractors in Springdale Arkansas to cut costs. These lower-quality wood options are not only inferior, but they will not last! We don't use them.

There are also very inexperienced and unprofessional fence installers who continually cut corners in their labor and installation techniques and who don't stand behind their work, regardless of what their so-called warranty says.

Wood fences must stand up to the physical demands of the Springdale Arkansas weather, the sun, wind, changing humidity levels, and physical abuse from falling branches, landscapers, neighbors, animals, and more.

Shopping for the cheapest fence is usually not the best way to choose a fence that will protect and beautify your property.

Thomas Fence offers a 1-year workmanship warranty, but our wood fences do not have a manufacturer's warranty.

However, there are certain materials you can choose that do come with warranties, such as PostMaster posts! Speak with one of our fence experts to learn the specific details of the wood fence options that you are considering.

Wood Fence FAQs

Get the answers to our most popular wood fence questions from our customers in the Springdale Arkansas area!

wood fence FAQs in the Springdale Arkansas area

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