Gate Automation - Springdale Arkansas

Springdale Arkansas Gate Automation

Looking for a reliable automated gate for your Springdale Arkansas property? Look no further! Thomas Fence is your go-to source for durable and strong automated gates, whether for commercial or residential purposes.

An automated gate not only adds a touch of beauty to your property but also enhances security. It's a fantastic addition to any new or existing fence project, providing you with control over access to your premises and creating an inviting entrance for visitors. For commercial properties, automated gates are indispensable, increasing security, managing vehicular traffic, and establishing a sense of protection.

At Thomas Fence, we take pride in crafting custom automated gates to elevate your property's appeal. Our trusted suppliers ensure the highest-quality materials for our projects. Additionally, we offer an array of gate openers from top-notch brands to cater to your specific needs. Our in-house Certified Gate Automation Technician will expertly deliver a Springdale Arkansas automatic gate that meets your needs.

With our focus on automated gates and access control systems, Thomas Fence stands as Springdale Arkansas's premier automated gate installation and service provider. Experience the benefits of a top-of-the-line automated gate from Thomas Fence today!

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Choose the best fence and gate solutions for your Springdale Arkansas property with Thomas Fence, the trusted industry leader!

Gate Solutions - Springdale Arkansas

Gate Solutions for Every Situation

From custom residential walk gates to expansive commercial automated gates, we offer a wide range of top-notch solutions to suit your needs. Our expertise spans across various categories, ensuring we deliver exceptional results every time. Check out our impressive photo gallery showcasing completed projects, and witness the excellence we can bring to your property. At Thomas Fence, we are committed to providing you with the finest fence and gate solutions for both residential and commercial properties.

Residential Gate Solutions - Springdale Arkansas

Residential Gates

Our team installs all kinds of residential gates across the Springdale Arkansas region - we can help you find the perfect one to complement your fence and yard.

Light Commercial Gate Solutions - Springdale Arkansas

Light Commercial Gates

When strength greater than residential grade is required, light commercial gates are perfect for nearly any property that needs that next level of protection.

Commercial Gate Solutions - Springdale Arkansas

Commercial Gates

Thomas Fence is known throughout Springdale Arkansas and beyond for our expert installations of commercial gates in a variety of materials and security levels.

Industrial Gate Solutions - Springdale Arkansas

Industrial Gates

No gate job is too big for Thomas Fence! We have all of the experience and expertise necessary for even the largest industrial automated gate projects.

Access control systems - Springdale Arkansas

Access Control Systems

As a fully licensed and insured gate operator contractor - your property's security is our number one priority.

custom Gate Solutions - Springdale Arkansas

Custom Gates

Looking for a custom automatic gate design? We've got you covered! Speak to our team today to learn more about the options available at your Springdale Arkansas property.

Gate Automation Repair Company - Springdale Arkansas

Springdale Arkansas Automated Gate Repair

Safeguarding your residential or commercial property begins with a well-maintained gate, and at Thomas Fence, we prioritize excellence in gate repair services.

Our team of experts is skilled in handling a variety of automatic gate issues and malfunctions. With our extensive experience, we ensure swift and efficient gate repair, paying attention to every intricate detail.

For comprehensive gate repair services in Springdale Arkansas, or assistance in selecting the perfect gate solution, reach out to our knowledgeable team. With a Certified Gate Automation Technician on staff, we are always ready to provide the guidance and support you need to keep your property secure and functional.

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Springdale Arkansas Styles of Automated Gates

Swing Gate Solutions - Springdale Arkansas

Swing Gate

The design simplicity of swing gates does not require complicated mechanical systems or sensors to function. This makes them customizable, cost-effective, reliable, and easy to maintain. A swing gate is a practical and functional choice for anyone looking to secure their property with a simple and visually appealing entrance.

Cantilever Slide Gate

A cantilever slide gate is suspended between two vertical posts and operates by sliding sideways to open and close, using less space than swing gates and ideal for spaces with limited room. Its suspension design eliminates the need for a track on the ground, making it less prone to debris and debris buildup, reducing maintenance requirements.

Cantilever Slide Gate Solutions - Springdale Arkansas

V Track Slide Gate Solutions - Springdale Arkansas

V Track Slide Gate

A V Track slide gate is made up of a single or double-wheel track and a sliding gate panel that can be manually operated or automated. The space-saving design and sturdy V shape of the track help to distribute the weight of the gate evenly, making it a durable option for heavy use.

Vertical Pivot Gate

A vertical pivot gate is a practical and efficient option for industrial and commercial customers looking for a secure and space-saving gate solution. A vertical pivot gate operates by moving vertically instead of horizontally and consists of a single panel that swings open and shuts on a pivot mechanism located at the top of the gate.

Vertical Pivot Gate Solutions - Springdale Arkansas

Vertical Lift Gate Solutions - Springdale Arkansas

Vertical Lift Gate

A vertical lift gate is hinged on top and operates vertically rather than swinging open like traditional gates. The major benefit of a vertical lift gate is its space-saving design, making it ideal for areas with limited space or tight entranceways. Additionally, vertical lift gates can be fitted with safety features such as sensors and alarms for added security.

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